Professional Sales Management – Undergraduate/Final Year (Level 6)

Are you interested in finding out what makes a successful salesperson in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude? Sales is the foundation stone upon which organisations are built. The Level 6 Professional Sales Management course seeks to develop the knowledge and skills of salespeople whilst also providing them with a professional qualification platform to match their career aspirations.  The learner will:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the history of selling as an activity; the traditional image of salespeople; the variety and complexity of sales roles; and the people engaged in sales activities; and how this might impact upon sales success.
  • Explore and compare the sales profession to other professions and to determine what can be learned from this to improve sales success.
  • Explore and evaluate the effectiveness of a structured approach to selling and to use this knowledge to construct a strategic and tactical sales process.
  • Acquire and demonstrate how effective communication works within a sales context.

The Level 6 Professional Sales Management course is £1900.

Students can make payment using one of the following methods:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • All course material, including online modules and written assignments
  • Student support
  • Assignment marking and feedback

To enrol onto the level 6 programme, you must be 18+ years old and have at least 1 year of sales experience.

Our online business management, hotel and hospitality, and computing courses will help you obtain a diploma, which is recognised by employers and awarded by OFQUAL, the UK government higher education regulating body.

These diplomas can then be used as progression onto completion of a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree course, at an accredited UK or overseas university.

  • Choose a course.
  • Study the course modules.
  • Complete online multiple-choice tests and written assignments
  • Receive your certificate and university credits.
  • Top up your qualifications and earn a BA degree or MBA.

Your degree or MBA will be awarded to you by the university you complete your final year with.
Our awarding body partners have direct links with UK universities, who accept the OFQUAL credits awarded from studying our courses.


Assessment at FastTrack is a straightforward process:

  • After you have completed an online module, you will have an online assessment to complete. This assessment contains 30 multiple-choice questions. You will have one hour to complete these questions, which are answered in sets of five, so you will have plenty of time to review and edit your answers. After an hour, the test will automatically time out.
  • After you have completed the test, your results will be displayed immediately. If you have passed, you will receive a certificate of completion. If you don’t pass, you will receive a notification of a “refer’’ where you will be told how to retake a module assessment. You can complete these modules at your own pace, as there is no deadline to complete the course. 
  • When the online modules have been successfully completed, you will then be able to take the final written assignments provided by FastTrack that test your knowledge and understanding of the modules. After successful completion of these assignments, you will receive your diploma from the OFQUAL awarding organization.
  • You will then be eligible to apply for progression onto a top up course through a recognised UK university on campus or by distance learning.

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  • Selling as a profession
  • Planning and preparation for sales
  • Sales process implementation

The level 6 professional sales management course has 3 written assignments. The assignments are approximately 5,000 words each.

The assignment unit titles for the level 6 course are:
  • Selling as a profession
  • Planning and preparation for sales
  • Sales process implementation

Successful completion of the undergraduate Level 6 Professional Sales Management programme will improve your sales skillset. This course is aimed at senior sales managers, directors or those aspiring to progress to senior level.

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